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Technical demonstration of Voxren

Voxren is the interactive segmentation and visualization component of Eccet. It allows to adapt the visual representation of the voxel data to the given volume data.

The small sample videos are supposed to give you a clue about the possibilities for rendering volume data that Voxren opens for you.

Voxren is a realtime rendering system - movies cannot adequately show how working with voxren is like. The slow speed of turns in the movies is intentional to allow the viewer to thoroughly analyze the scene.
Of course you can turn the volume as fast as you wish using the mouse controls. On a typical older PC (2x1GHz) Eccet generates about 8-10 frames per second thus yielding smooth motion. This so called "framerate" is displayed in some of the movies.

Instant rendering while segmenting

Voxren allows to display volumes three dimensionally without any precalculation necessary while still segmenting. In this mode, the rendering quality is somewhat limited.

surface rendering of segmented data

A relatively fast calculation (typ. about 20s) generates surface data allowing a high quality rendering of the segmented objects.
Surface Rendering

Masking unwanted objects

Objects that are not currently needed or that occlude interesting structures can be hidden by a simple mouse click.
Masking Objects

Cutting into objects

Sometimes hiding a whole object is net desireable. One rather wants to cut into then like in an exploded drawing.
Voxren supports up to three independent cut planes that are freely placeable and can be set to apply only to specific objects.

fully transparent rendering

In xray diagnosis a well known method to display the bowel is using an enema with contrast agent. The contrast agent covers the surface with a thin layer which causes the object to appear on the xray film in a "negative" like contrast. This view allows to quickly identify morphological anomalies of the surface. However for volumes containing many objects, it usually yields a confusingly complex scene.

Semitransparent rendering

Thus it is often more useful to only render specific objects semitransparently. They can then be used for orientation without disturbing the view of the important objects.

Semitransparent views with cutplanes

By combining this feature with cut planes, objects can as well be made partially semitransparent.
Cutplanes and Transparency

Filling objects with "fog"

To enhance comprehension of the three dimensional structure it is possible to "fill objects with fog". This allows to nicely estimate the 3D position and shape of objects contained within such filled objects, as the fog causes objects that ar farther away from the viewer to be displayed more occluded by the fog.
Fog rendering

Volume Rendering

Volume rendering allows to visualize unsegmented images quickly for human observers.
Volume Rendering

Shaded Volume Rendering

The sometimes hazy look of pzure volume rendering can easily be improved by adding in shading.
Shaded Volume Rendering

Refraction and reflection

Eccet's capabilities reach far beyond that. Even refraction and reflection are possible.