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Eccet Download


Paragraph Eccet was developed for research purposes. Eccet does neither have a CE label nor an approval as a medical product. Thus it may not be used for diagnostic purposes or other medical applications in the area where the "Medizinproduktegesetz" is in force. Please check your local regulations, if you are outside this area.

By downloading Eccet you accept that the authors of Eccet are non liable for any damage (including damage to third parties) resulting from installation or use of Eccet.

I have read the above non-liability agreement and agree.

Using ColoTux as a medical product

medical product The Eccet component ColoTux is a medical product, sold by Beck Datentechnik.
Using ColoTux as medical product requires a valid License.

As ColoTux was sold to an investor we do not issue new licenses for ColoTux.