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Via Webbrowser

To use Eccet from your Webbrowser, you only need Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or the Microsoft Internet Explorer in a somewhat current version.

Windows Support

tux As you just need a Webbrowser, your operating system does not matter.
To run even the Eccet server on Windows, you can use virtualization techniques like vmWare.

Server Platform

Eccet uses Linux as the underlying operating system.


No extra cost, good scalability, high security standards

Linux Distribution

debian logo If possible, use Debian GNU/Linux.
Using Eccet on other distributions is possible, but we neither test nor support this configuration. Debian GNU/Linux is free Software. You can download it e.g. from In case you feel unsure about installing a Linux operating system, please do not hesitate to ask us for assistance or simply use the prebuilt VM images.

Required additional packets Eccet requires external programs and libraries for saving pictures and similar functionality. If these are not present, some functionality may not be available.

When using Debian packages, the required packages for data conversion etc. get installed automatically.

When installing on other linux systems, please make sure that the required packages are installed.


Via Amazon EC2

Eccet is available as Amazon Machine Image. Just start your instance, enter your license and you're good to go.

In your data center

Your data is too sensitive to be put into the cloud?
Just run the Eccet Server in your own data center. A simple Linux server or virtual machine will do.


Just add more systems. The broker will automatically detect Eccet worker nodes in the same subnet. More Power. Instantly.
Or use more powerful machines to host more instances per machine.

Complete systems

Installing Linux and helper programs is available by several commercial consultants.

For Eccet, we offer complete solutions including software installation.