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The movies should give you an impression of the graphical user interface of the virtual coloscopy workspace. The endoscopic view is in the upper left corner, the other views show axial, sagittal and coronar cuts into the original tomography data. As the original Resolution of 1024x1024 doesn't fit every screen, you can choose smaller versions that don't show all details.

The camera position can be chosen interactively (mouse) in all views. At a resolution of 256x256, the endoscopic view renders at about 10 frames per second thus allowing interactive work.

HINWEIS: SVCD und DVD Qualität sind in der Regel nur abspielbar, wenn Sie einen MPEG-2 Codec installiert haben, z.B. durch einen Software-DVD-Player. Der Windows Media Player enthält diesen Codec in der Regel nicht.

Eccet Next Generation

Eccet Next Generation
Der nebenstehende Film zeigt, was mit der aktuellen Entwicklungsversion (Alpha) zur Zeit möglich ist.

Manual and automatic navigation

The movie shows a flight through the colon. In the beginning, the autopilot is active. At the vincinity of the polyp abd the lipom, manual control using the mouse is activated to allow for a closer inspection of these sections from all sides. A bit further down, the colon is collapsed thus the camera is manually guided out of the colon, turned and re-inserted after the collapsed part. After that, the autopilot is reengaged and guides the rest of the flight.