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Examples - Stereo

Flug durch den Darm
(für Rot-Grün-Brille)

Real 3D display

Especially with complex objects a simple two dimensional view of the scene is not adequate to comprehend the three dimensional structure.

Due to its interactive performance, voxren allows to estimate the missing depth by moving the image. However it also features several methods to produce real 3D views.

Depending on the desired level of comfort and available budget, you can choose between:

Direct stereo fusion in the viewer's eye

With a little practice, it is possible, to directly fuse two pictures that are displayed side by side in the viewer's eye. Have a look at the following picture, and try to "see through it". With a little practice, you should then be able to overlay both pictures thus forming a "third" image in between that should look three dimensional.

This method is not easy for everyone. An alternate method is the crossed view. It works the same, but you now have to squint to get the 3D effect.

The following picture is shows this method.

A little hint, that often helps:


Liver Stereo
If direct fusion is problematic for you, try another cheap solution: Red-Green-Glasses, as available e.g. from Perspektrum. However this method only allows for monochrome images.


Shutterbrille You can as well use shutterglasses as they are used for 3D action games. By switching the control box into the lineblanker mode, you should be able to view the following picture in 3D.

In case the picture looks strange, try scrolling the page a little, as this changes left/right. Eventually your hardware might also have a button to do that swapping.


A rather expensive solution, but useable without the cumbersome glasses are 3D displays, which are e.g. available from SeeReal Technologies. In case you own such a display, the following picture should work for you.