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Real Head

Relief views of real objects

A small Eccet addon module allows to capture real scenes (including texture) using a simple web or video camera and a video beamer.

Extracting data from CT scans

The video on the rights shows how a badly contrasted object is extracted from CT scan data.
Attention: The MPEG video (the textual link under the thumbnail) has a very high resolution. Common video player software may not be able to handle such files. Click the thumbnail for a low resolution version.

VRML Worlds

If you want to get a 3D impression of a real world object, you can download VRML worlds here.

However, please note, that the quality of these worlds is very bad, due to the high compression that is required for bandwidth and client CPU power reasons. The originally 70MB of data is compressed down to 28-100kB (1:700-1:2500 !).
You need a VRML-Plugin to view these worlds.