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Eccet SDK

Your Medical Imaging Framework


Medical applications? Easy!

They way from an idea for a new application to a system that is easy to use in daily clinical routine is usually quite long.
With Eccet, you will learn all the shortcuts.

Clinical Integration

  • Central deployment as a webservice
  • Integrated DICOM node (Store, Query, Retrieve)
  • Automatic data classification
  • Worklists

What do I gain?

  • Worklists
  • Hanging Protocols
  • 2D and 3D viewing components
  • multi-layer viewing (e.g. PET/CT)
  • image registration
  • complex algorithms (like nonlinear denoising, DTI, Fiber tracking, fMRI)
  • a scripting engine
  • web access to data and results from anywhere
  • Pricing

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