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Scientific Use

Eccet in Science


Eccet is being used my many scientific contexts. For example for the analysis of cerebellar volumes, for segmenting MR data of mice, for visualizing MEG data and for simulation results.

What do I gain?

  • 2D and 3D viewing components
  • image registration
  • complex algorithms (like nonlinear denoising, segmentations)
  • a scripting engine allowing to build applications
  • web access to data and results from anywhere
  • Priceless

    Eccet can be used for scientific purposes free of charge.

    If you employ Eccet for scientific purposes we provide Eccet to you at no cost. All you need to do is register with us. You will receive a registration code that is valid for 1 year can can be renewed every year.

    We would like to kindly request you, to mention Eccet - with our prior authorization - in publications that contain results derived using Eccet.

    For checking validity of requests for scientific licenses we reserve the right to check if there are no commercial interests involved in the project and if relevant scientific work is being done. You are therefore kindly requested to supply a short summary of your scientific project together with the license request.

    Issuing scientific licenses is in our sole discretion.