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Personal Use

Personal Use


What use do you - as an average person - have for a medical imaging platform?

Its your data

Few kinds of data are more personal and private than medical images. They not only show your body, but also what may be wrong with it. You should have control over it.

It's exciting

Didn't you ever wonder how you look on the inside? Don't worry - there's no blood in XRay images.

Is it difficult?

It depends.
If you just want to have a glance at your images: No.
The builtin tutorial and some of our tutorial videos should suffice.
If you are aiming for professional-looking videos as e.g. seen on this site, you will need patience to learn the system and/or the help of an expert.

Avoid re-examinations

Especially for emergencies, images are often not passed on to the physician that organizes later care.
Wouldn't it be easier, if you could just give your physician access to your past medical imaging data whenever required?

It must be expensive.

No. You only pay for the storage space occupied plus a small fee when the system is actually running and being used.

Is it secure?

This is for you to decide. The Amazon EC3 platform is used by many well known companies to fulfill their Services. They trust in Amazon to keep their data confidential.
Whether you do, is up to you. We can as well install and license Eccet on your personal PC. Please understand, that this is a more expensive solution due to the high handling cost.